I’m thrilled that you would like to comment, as a very friendly person who loves meeting people myself. Welcome! I look forward to getting to know you.

Most belief traditions have a basic rule about human interactions that warns against harming one another through either word or action. I invite you to adhere to your preferred tradition with honor while you are here, whether you wish to call it kindness or karma or self-interest in preserving social balance. If your comment appears intended to harm or to carry mixed messages (perhaps aspiring to appear positive but to hide a dagger of insult) then I will simply remove it. I will ban any repeat offenders.

That said, disagreement or offering a contrary view can be presented without calling someone else a fool or presuming one’s perspective is superior. The mark of a wise and mature person is the ability to change and to refine one’s views as more wisdom accrues and while we often present our opinions to others expecting them to be so flexible, we would be well-instructed to adopt the same expectation for ourselves.

With those boundaries agreed upon, let us be off!