Thought Power

My sister recently did an experiment in which her family placed equal portions of prepared cooked white rice in separate jars. They sealed and labeled the jars “love” and “hate” and placed them in different parts of the room. For several weeks they consciously spoke to each jar according to its label. When they opened the jars they found that the “love” jar was in virtually the same condition it began even though it had been left at room temperature so long. The “hate” jar was moldy, smelly, and slimy.

Years ago I read a book in which the author discussed experiments which had been done with sensitive instrumentation that measured the energies in different rooms of patients who were dying. In one room a woman who had lived a full and rewarding life was praising her God and slipping away peacefully; the measurements of that room were off the scale. In another a man who felt consistently wronged engaged in frequent outbursts and nasty interactions with his caregivers; the measurements in that room were incredibly different.

In another experiment the author talked about the law of karma returning many-fold the energy a person put out to him or her. His students decided to put it to the test and mounted a sonar device on a plank and floated it to the middle of a large pond. At the edge they threw in a large rock and watched as the needle registered the movement in the water both moving away from the drop point and back toward it as the waves returned. The energy of first impact was multiplied many times in returning waves.

I don’t know about the science behind the truth but I have great faith through experience with the principle. I have many times practiced sending positive thoughts to someone, sometimes in the same room and at other times quite far away, and have found varying degrees of success encouraging – something I think is linked to one’s willingness to receive positive thoughts. Occasionally it has seemed that I am broadcasting but the other party doesn’t have the radio turned on. Perhaps I am merely sending something unneeded.

Over time I’ve noticed a couple of factors that improve the connection. Sending positive feelings with a thought magnifies it. I’ve long practiced encouraging people who are speaking and who feel nervous with thoughts of appreciation for what they are saying and feelings of affection and peace. I think of my eyes as laser beams to send the thought/feeling combination. A few people have commented that they felt soothed or encouraged when I was there.

Proximity matters. It’s become a mantra to me. You have to be close to people to make a difference, whether that means physically or emotionally or socially or intellectually or spiritually. If you have an established connection you will be better heard and often that is earned by being proximate through their ups and downs. And if you make a point of being in their presence you will be more clear, just as most transponders are at close range.

In addition, you may decide they need a different message or kind of help when you are with them as you perceive more accurately what is happening to them. Proximity matters also because you are not all-knowing about what will help. What helps is one of the most intricate pieces of understanding we ever gain.

Negative thoughts have just as much debilitating power as positive thoughts have healing power. There is something very real about putting thought into words and giving it life. It lives as a blessing or a curse … and lives and lives and lives. We do have the power to curse others. Not at all supernatural, cursing others is a real part of human life. When we make statements about another’s being or character without qualifying them as our thoughts (which says a great deal about us and sends the curse inward instead), we send a beam of negative energy to them that debilitates them and sends discord into our cultural universe. These curses must be found and reversed in our own version of Superfund cleanup.

Finally, we can become aware of the health or toxicity of our environment and take steps to heal our skin, an organ designed to breathe and absorb but with great acuity and wisdom. If we are in a toxic environment, we need a thick and healthy skin that does not allow those negatives into us, and we must practice taking our energy from within and from carefully vetted sources. Interestingly, a powerful positive transponder repels or transforms curses. Conversely, we must soften ourselves to influences that are genuinely beneficial and allow ourselves to connect with those who have something positive to share with us. We may have to change our minds about which sources are helpful by considering from different perspectives the forces acting on us. Sometimes our feelings and assumptions have altered the character of the energy being directed toward us and once we own that we can fine tune our receiver.

Experiment with your thought power and your skin and see what changes, both inside and outside of yourself.


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  1. As I read about proximity I thought of Visiting and Home Teaching. Actually being in someone’s home allows better reception and discernment both ways, than a simple text or Facebook message. I also thought of how the Savior ministered. He was close to people, able to discern their thoughts and intents, while at the same time spreading his special spiritual strength. Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts.


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